DIY Your Holiday This Year

Looking for ways to spend the holidays this year? 2020 has taught us many things and being thrifty is definitely one lesson we will be bringing with us into 2021. Luckily, this has inspired crafters to DIY their own holiday decorations this year. Whether you’re meeting in person or over Zoom, let these 5 DIY holiday decorations bring a little more joy to your life this winter.

1). Colorful Paper Ornaments

Any colorful paper ornaments will spice up your tree if that’s what you’re looking for! Creative and artistic, you’ll love to see what each family member creates. Who knows, you may end up creating a new tradition!

Here are some great websites for some inspiration:


Adventures & Preggers

The Crazy Craft Lady

2). Advent Calendar

Family DIY advent calendars are especially popular this year as they are unique, easy, and minimalist. There are many options out there for a DIY advent calendar, but how about this one? Advent Calendar Ladder – using holiday cards (new and old), an old ladder, and some other festive decor. Grab yourself some canvas bags, baker’s twine, and all of the above, and you’re set! Here’s a cute idea from Tater Tots & Jello:

3). Elegant Handmade Stockings

Got some extra fabric lying at home? Feeling creative? Need a minimalist holiday mantle? Consider sewing and creating your own family stockings! Check these ones out here from Diary of a Quilter:

4). Affordable Candle Holders

Mason Jars will be needed for this DIY project. Along with some candles, fake berries, spruce, and baker’s twine. This one is simple and the perfect DIY gift idea for the holidays, from Iowa Girl Eats:

5). Crafty Yarn Ball Wreath

You can put together this crafty wreath by using styrofoam balls, yarn, and a wire wreath form. By wrapping the yarn around each ball in different directions, you are able to make it look like an actual yarn ball! Once that is completed, hot glue the faux yarn balls onto the wire wreath form, along with some whatever holiday ornaments/decor for color contrast, and viola, you are done! This great idea comes from the website, Cherished Bliss:

6). No-fuss, no mess Christmas Tree

Hate setting up the Christmas Tree? Hate dealing with the needles? Take a stroll. On that stroll, find a set of branches to display in a vase at home. Or create your own “tree”. You can even hang ornaments on those branches. Small and large versions of this modern DIY Christmas Tree are becoming more and more common. Super affordable and eco-friendly, from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons:

7). Hot Chocolate Corner in Your Kitchen

Set up a hot cocoa table for the loved ones in your home. You can use a festive tray and old fashioned candied jars to house the hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and candy canes! This is the perfect time for a warm drink with the ones you love. Snuggle up, turn on your computer, and Zoom your way into the holidays. From Aspen Jay blog:


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